Five Star FEAST

Congratulations to Clout Theatre for some exquisite reviews over the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Plus an Award for our Jenny from DARKCHAT for Best Actor.

Here’s a taste of the Press Reaction (see what I did there?):

★★★★★ Three Weeks [leaves] the onlooker shocked, surprised and disturbingly, pleased

★★★★★ Across The Arts An audacious, profound, ridiculous and oh-so-naughty provocation from one of the finest, most original physical theatre companies in the world.’ Read The Full Review:

★★★★ The  Herald ‘[Hieronymous] Bosch would approve… brilliantly disturbing, not least because of the belly laughs it serves up’

★★★★ The Scotsman ‘Continually fascinating…big deep and ugly’

Dorothy Max Prior, Total Theatre Magazine ‘A Feast of visual imagery that we gobble up with delight’


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