Working when she’s asleep!

It’s been a long while since my last post, what with the discovery that I was pregnant and then an actual child arriving – and now my entire house looks like a chinese laundry room. But, I found myself completely unable to stop working and so things have been bumbling along albeit at a more ‘work around the baby being asleep’ arrangement.

Lola Maury’s show ‘Two to tune’ opens on Wednesday at The Place, set to be a great evening in a double-bill alongside Riccardo Buscarini. I’m off with little Enid in tow and a hope and wish that she plays ball. Some exciting news soon coming up aswell about Lola’s plans. See more here:

SLAP have been busy bees. We hosted a SLAPchat networking event in York at The Distance, an office space with an treehouse inside – which opened up big chats about where we are and where we’re going in the York arts scene. SLAP got the keys to an office space this week thanks to East Street Arts and Salt and Powell – we just need some furniture – bring on the swivel chairs! And last week SLAPmoves, a dance-off in Guidhall, saw ‘Rhythm is a Daniel’ sweep first prize and rewarded with mentorship and a Residency at Yorkshire Dance, no less.

It’s all kicking off with Clout as we gear up for Edinburgh Festival 2015 with the new wild and grotesquely gluttonous FEAST at ZOO this year – a new venue for us and them (the show is opening in a gothic church). We’ll be previewing at BAC in July after a Residency at Jacksons Lane. Keep an eye out for the trailer – released soon. We’ve picked up another award at Mimetic Festival for ‘Best Experimental Show’ after returning from a month touring China (beginning at the Beijing Fringe Festival) and before that creating FEAST in Residency at Theatre Madrasa in Turkey.

A few other bits are/were in the pipeline but that’s the short version/highlights so far!

Enid the Tyrannical Timetabler

Enid the Tyrannical Timetabler


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