New York New York!

New York New York!

Presents from New York include funky earrings, a rubber moose and a japanese dress/shirt. Dead impressed.

What a month!

About to begin a new R+D process with Clout, which is always exciting and promises inspiring and visually arresting imagery; it’s always amazing to watch the cutting-room process of which bits stay and go; it’s always surprising! But my favourite part is always the beginning – everything is fresh, it can go anywhere and it’s all about the explorations.

Have been busy today dotting the t’s on all of the Residency information and prep sheets. I’m delighted by the support from Battersea Arts Centre, Jackson’s Lane and The Bike Shed Theatre.

Clout return to the UK tomorrow: looking foward to getting my teeth back into the day-to-day grind of company business. In the meantime, lots of plans to put in place for the creation process ahead…printing, photocopying and paperclips.


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